What is velvet fabric New York New Day velvet clothing days

The designer combines the international fashion elements with the unique luster and silky feel of velvet. The garments designed by velvet fabrics are eye-catching and beautiful. They follow the classic designs of the past centuries while drawing on modern inspiration and elegance Shine.


什么是天丝绒面料  纽方春季新品天丝绒服装

The following Xiaobian New Zealand beauty introduced a wave of "new" it's special fabric and design.

什么是天丝绒面料  纽方春季新品天丝绒服装

After the dress into the silky luster, walking between the formation of a natural level of rich sense of volatility, more elegant and agile. Overall enhance the sense of fashion value. Create a soft and elegant oriental women charm.

什么是天丝绒面料  纽方春季新品天丝绒服装

Fabric Description:

Name: Days velvet

Ingredients: 70% cotton 30% polyester

Features: Days velvet is also environmentally friendly fabrics, using a natural color yarn dyed organic cotton

The effect of velvet burning flower is presented, the soft feeling is full and full, and the air permeability and the soft texture are especially prominent. The texture of super light texture fabric is processed using high-tech technology, the designer with unique and elegant patterns, soft material velvet gives a feeling of comfort and intimate, delicate light sense with a mysterious color.

Cleaning method:

Cleaning should be careful not to scrub it in the water, or forced twist, so as to avoid loss of velvet, affect the appearance. The correct method of cleaning should be to use both hands to remove moisture or let it dry naturally, so you can maintain the original appearance of flocking.

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