A/E Slave Ladies Chengdu Tianfu Shopping Center opened

Chengdu Tianfu Shopping Center A/E Women's Clothing Store was grandly opened, and Tianfu Square Fashion Shopping Center was born due to fashion. It was built in time, and when it was drawing up the blueprint, it positioned itself as a big accessory for Tianfu Square. The fashion industry supplements the Tianfu shopping district to meet the portable consumer demand, and builds the Tianfu business district with the surrounding Far Eastern Department Stores, Renhe Spring, etc., forming the most dazzling business matrix of the CBD.

Even slave A/E brand fashion is full of modern casualness and exquisiteness, gentle opposition and integration! Self-confident and independent urban women create the best choice for fashion dress and personalized life! In the first week of the opening ceremony, we recruited VIP, new products, 50% discount, fashion crush, A/E waiting for you...

Address: A/E counter, ground floor, Chengdu Tianfu Shopping Center

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