Dan Shigear Women's Clothing Store in Bijie City, Guizhou Province, Zhejiang Mall grand opening

In the sunny warm winter sun, passionate cheers in the passion, Dan Shigear brand women's clothing store in Bijie City, Guizhou Zhejiang Mall grand opening. Welcome to the vast number of consumers come to visit patrons.

丹诗格尔 丹诗格尔女装贵州毕节市浙商场城专卖店盛大开业

Dan Shi Geer brand women's clothing store in Bijie City, Guizhou Province, Zhejiang Province, European-style minimalist facade in the colorful balloon arch and flower basket in the greater fashion exquisite, warm color of the shop, giving a soft and friendly visual enjoyment, elegant and luxurious The French shelf and showcase, so that every one to enter the store's consumers enjoy the treatment like Princess, elegant and stylish women's products allow consumers to go back and enjoy the beautiful transformation.

丹诗格尔女装贵州毕节市浙商场城专卖店盛大开业 丹诗格尔女装贵州毕节市浙商场城专卖店盛大开业 丹诗格尔女装贵州毕节市浙商场城专卖店盛大开业

Dan Shigelier women with unique fashion style, fine excellent workmanship, perfect intimate service, has been much loved by consumers. Currently in the country already has more than 30,000 loyal customers, with more than 40 self-owned shops, more than 170 agents shop, all over the country more than 100 cities and regions. 2013 is approaching, in the face of the new 2014, Danish Geeru women's dress style will be persistent in the investment and research and development, and will continue to work hard, so Dan Shigeerl women all over the country, the beautiful fashion to each Female

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