Eight colored gemstones maintenance instructions

Colored gemstones are one of the most beautiful treasures in the world. The colorful colors have always fascinated countless people, and the usual maintenance and care are also in order to maintain the brilliance of the gemstones.


Tourmaline: It is a kind of gemstone with soft luster, but the disadvantage is low hardness and strong brittleness. Therefore, wearing jewelry made of tourmaline, should be careful not to rub against other gems, so as not to scratch. Tourmaline has thermoelectricity (the so-called tourmaline), which generates static electricity and absorbs some fine dust after being exposed to the sun or heated. Therefore, people working in a dusty environment should be careful to clean the gemstone with a neutral cleaning solution such as alcohol to keep it shiny and feminine. At the same time, tourmaline should also avoid overheating, because heat can sometimes change the color of the tourmaline.

Topaz (topaz stone), moonlight gemstone: they should avoid collision, because both have texture, after the collision, the gemstone is easy to split in one direction and destroy all or part of it.

Spinel, garnet: They are medium-quality gemstones, so just pay attention not to collide with each other.

Crystal: Avoid contact with radioactive materials and avoid contact with heat sources. Crystals change color under the irradiation of radioactive materials, and amethyst may appear lighter when heated.

Red sapphires: They are the most easily protected gemstones of colored gemstones. These two gemstones are hard, moderately tough, and stable in nature. They can be worn for long periods of time without violent collisions and high temperatures.

Emerald: It is a very brittle gem, and natural emeralds tend to be blemishes and prone to rupture, so avoid strong crushing and collision. Immersion or incorporation of glue to mask the cracks in the crucible is a common method of treating emeralds. This accessory must avoid overheating.

Gold emeralds (including marble and cat's eye): It is a gemstone with good hardness and toughness, so it is an ideal male gem. Generally, it is only necessary to avoid high temperature during the wearing process, especially when changing the style or maintenance, do not let the flame directly face the gem.

Zircon, olivine: They cannot be placed with other gems. Zircon and olivine are gemstones formed in the underground high-temperature environment. They are brittle in nature and have low hardness. Therefore, it is often difficult to make large gemstones due to too many cracks in the raw materials. The mutual friction between the finished gemstones will sharpen the edges of the gemstones and cause the gemstones to lose "sharpness." These two stones can't be heated, and heat will increase their brittleness. Olivine is also afraid of acid, and long-term contact with acidic substances will cause the surface of the gem to corrode and weaken its luster.


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