Wang Shiling wears Ralph Lauren pink dress doll

Wang Shiling New York wears 280 yuan Ralph Lauren pink skirt. The poetry age family went to the United States. Wang Shiling, who has been carrying on the Mou Mo line in New York, was wearing a Ralph Lauren pink dress. The lady likes this, it's a small western skirt that costs only 280 yuan. Th

Home textile color best match scheme

Bedding is used for people to rest and sleep, but how do the home textile products in the home match in color matching to show the comfort and warmth of the whole home textile? Today, I will share some tips and methods for color matching of home textiles. Recommended for home textile color mat

Master sighs the sorrow of jade:

Cui Lei is both a young "national master" and an alternative "walker" in the jade carving world. He has only created more than a dozen works a year, putting more time on collecting and thinking. He did not say: "A jade carving master who does not s

Shengze Jiaxing Polyester: prices have been down

In May, due to “absent upstream support and downstream demand reduction”, PTA prices continued to hit a new low, breaking through the 6,000 yuan/ton mark, a weekly decrease of 3.14%, and the polyester market was psychologically weaker, which was a bearish outlook for the polyes