Australian wool prices fell sharply

Australian wool prices fell sharply Due to the lack of demand in the Australian wool market, the Australian wool auction market experienced a decline after nearly five weeks of gains. The outflow rate was as high as 28%, and auctions on the second day of the week all fell sharply. The Australian Wool Exchange's Eastern Composite Index closed at about 1003澳/kg (-43澳/kg, -4.1%) this week, and the USD price closed at about 1044美/kg (-41美/kg, -3.8%). %), *** price to 6325 points / kg (-432 points / kg, -6.4%). Five weeks before Christmas, Australia has entered a shearing season and weekly wool supply has increased. The Australian dollar exchange rate continued to strengthen this week and closed at 1.044 on Thursday.

Due to the stable demand in the New Zealand wool market, the price of fine wool hybrid wool in the New Zealand wool auction market remained firm. The auction supply for this week was 10,362 bales, with a turnover rate of 75%. Compared with the previous week, the fine-branched Merino fleece index fell by 2.8%, the Central Merino fleece index fell by 0.3%, the fine-bred hybrid hair index rose by 0.2%, and the coarse-bred hybrid hair index fell by 1%. Mao did not auction. The Singapore dollar exchange rate closed at 0.8195 on Thursday.

South African wool market held a general increase in South African wool auction prices in Port Elizabeth this week. The Cape Merino Merino Index rose by about 4% to close at 108.63 rand/kg (net hair). The exchange rate of the rand against the US dollar closed at approximately 8.62 (+1%) and closed at 11.19 (+0.8%) against the euro.

The price of mohair in South Africa's mohair market fell slightly this week, with a supply of 82,878 kilograms. The market average fell 1.8% to close at 91.01 rand/kg.

In the domestic wool market, due to the decline in Australian market prices this week, the domestic market declined, the Australian wool prices fell sharply, and the Australian wool slivers and Australian carbonized wools also fell. New Zealand wool, washed wool, Shelley wool and Uruguay The tops are still strong this week and prices continue to rise. The comprehensive index of the Nanjing wool market price closed at 71.07 yuan/kg, down by 0.03 yuan/kg from last week.

The original Australian wool index was 90.58 yuan/kg, a decrease of 1.45 yuan/kg compared with last week. Australian carbonized wool index was 58.40 yuan/kg, down by 0.60 yuan/kg from last week. The Australian wool comb sub-index was 105.70 yuan/kg, down by 0.80 yuan/kg from last week. The national wool sub-index was 76.30 yuan/kg, down 0.16 yuan/kg from last week. The Uruguay wool index was 50.75 yuan/kg, up 0.73 yuan/kg from the previous week. The original New Zealand wool index was 36.10 yuan/kg, up by 0.60 yuan/kg from last week. New Zealand washed hair index was 32.22 yuan/kg, up 0.78 yuan/kg from last week. The new hair self-sweeping sub-index was 41.22 yuan/kg, up by 0.02 yuan/kg from the previous week. New Zealand's Shelley Gross Value Index was 38.90 yuan/kg, up 1.09 yuan/kg from the previous week. The European wool top index stood at 36.50 yuan/kg, down by 0.50 yuan/kg from last week.

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