New Futuristic Sbdeye Attractive Women's Wear 2012 New Summer Conference Successfully Completed

The attraction SBDEYE branding conference takes the theme of “New Futurism” and does not worry about the influence of clothing on female charm. Don't worry about the color style of the clothes; make it easier to wear!

New Futurism sbdeye attractive women's clothing summer 2012 new conference finished successfully

New Futurism sbdeye attractive women's clothing summer 2012 new conference finished successfully

The “SBDEYE” brand holder, France Charcoal Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., authorized sbdeye Apparel Co., Ltd. as the general agent in Asia at the beginning of this century to jointly develop the Chinese market, devoted to the dissemination of fashion apparel culture, and advocated new German fashion lifestyle, for urban women to create modern fashion, attractive fashion image, but also for the introduction of modern advanced management concepts and successful marketing model. The company has a strong design force, set up product R&D centers in France and Hong Kong. “Fashion Buyers” are located in major cities in Europe, and have always stood at the forefront of fashion trends while establishing a top domestic design team in Guangzhou. Trinity's three-dimensional design makes the "SBDEYE" brand not only have an international product style, but also can accurately grasp the Chinese women's clothing habits. To provide fashion, generous and comfortable fashion women's clothing for metropolitan women. With years of experience in women's operations management, the company has established a complete marketing management team, and established a business system with product, marketing and management as the core, with an innovative design concept. Brand image, market development and maintenance with a professional marketing model, coaching dealers' scientific operations, building a new marketing channel with an international perspective, creating a new environment for competition under the new situation of modern society, and establishing the “SBDEYE” brand as China. Fashion women's first brand.

Our this kind of Felt Roller Tube is a kind of heat-resistant Felt roller, different materials can resist different temperatures (min 180℃, max 600℃). They are mainly used for the Aluminum Extrusion Profile industry and could prevent the product surface from scratching and contamination and thus improving the products grade, are widely used in aspects of processing, transmission and aging etc in the aluminum extrusion factories.

Specification of our felt roller tube:

Product Number

Color/Temperature resistance



Brown /600℃

PBO Outside + Kevlar inside


Yellow /480℃

100% Kevlar


Off white /280℃

100% Nomex


White /180℃

100% Polyester

Available Size

(inside diameter)

Φ49,50,51 Φ60,62,63 Φ76,77 Φ80,81,82 Φ90,95

Φ100,101,102 Φ114,115 Φ120




HPK-R ---- The initial stage of the aluminum extrusion line and the front section of the slide

HKN-R --- High temperature zone in aluminum extrusion line

HNN-R --- Aluminum extrusion conveyor line and finished saw table

HPP-R --- Aluminum extrusion conveyor line and finished saw table

Product Show:


Felt Roller Tube

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