Yaxuanfeigeige ladies enjoy the interpretation of fashion, elegant urban style

"Asanfege" - a multicultural, based on an elegant urban perspective, unleashes an optimistic, energetic and energetic attitude towards life through a non-binding, traditional and positive way of thinking.

" Ya Xuan Feige " is always designed for busy women of the times: they are confident, independent, noble, generous, most have received higher education, have received high-grade culture, like changing life and challenges, have their own Lifestyle and unique experience and fashion for fashion, fashion, fashion, elegant urban style enjoyable interpretation. However, in the fast-paced modern city, the diverse distribution of the fields requires them to show the most appropriate fashion style and personal charisma whenever and wherever possible, as well as a positive and pleasant lifestyle.


Accor Hinfigge located in the "unbounded fashion point." To let you imagine:

"Putting the soil in a bottle, it will diminish the spirituality that supports life, and it will become more turbid when it is filled with water, and in nature, the scenery of the mountainside is always beautiful, Neighbors, with the world bordering, breathing freely, giving immeasurable imagination. Sunrise, or sunset at sunset; overcast, or calm, are the meaning of nature by the United States. "The use of resources to innovate fashion , No resources to define the fashion.

雅轩菲格女装 尽情演绎时尚潮流、典雅的都市风情

Stylish unbounded point! - Albatross

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