When wearing about 20 degrees for fall and winter wear workplace wear

Urban women, not just a member of the family, but also a member of the workplace. Home leisure, you can match the home service, but the workplace is a more rigorous place, can not wear casual. Now the temperature is about 20 at this time what we should wear to work?


As a competent woman in the workplace, before you can wear a pretty capable job. Black and white and yellow intertwined, black occupy the dominant position of fashion, white followed. In the double-sleeved position embedded weak touch of yellow, just became the crowning touch of the entire knit. Relaxed casual knit jacket, with a tight feet pants and high heels can be. Go out to work, you can with a shoulder bag on the chain, fashion better.

20度左右的时候穿什么 适合职场穿搭的秋冬装

This one, we do not think it is fake two. Long-sleeved knit skirt, to catch a white inside, so that women in the workplace more than a neat and tidy neckline bow lit the overall slightly boring style, perfect to create a medieval elegant classical style, so that the whole The dress style plus a lot of points.

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