Handbag into mobile bacteria storage room

Handbag into mobile bacteria storage room Handbag into mobile bacteria storage room The bags that people carry with them may be placed in a variety of places: on buses, in restaurants, and even in public toilets. Researchers found in the survey that there are 65,000 bacteria per square centimet

Lily2013 new winter new Lily 2013 winter new

Lily 2013 winter new! This season, Lily launched two key shapes ---- luxury sports style, 50's feminine styling, the use of colorful decorative techniques, luxury and femininity will be the perfect mix and match. Color, the combination of disruptive winter colors - winter bright color came in

Hetian jade is the representative of jade culture

The reason why Hetian jade has lasted for a long time, in addition to its own material attributes and advantages that other jade species do not have, there is also a profound reason, which is the cultural and spiritual value attached to Hetian jade. Hetian jade is an impor

Tourmaline efficacy and function

Tourmaline is a very beautiful gem. The tourmaline has become a tourmaline. The space for appreciation of tourmaline is very large. This is inseparable from its function and function. What is the role of tourmaline? In general, the homonym of tourmaline is Evil spirits, br

Four tips to choose a cost-effective thermal underwear

With the changing temperature, thermal underwear will soon be back to people's attention, for the winter warm and cold contribute their strength. But now the market variety of thermal underwear brand, consumers how to practice the best of the best, from which to pick out a cost-effective therm

Shangzhou Women's Winter 2013 was eagerly anticipated

Pastoral, leisure, fashion, elegance, environmental protection, art, interpretation of the traditional Oriental clothing culture and exotic perfect fusion, leading the forefront of fashion , weaving the beautiful dream of women's charm. The color is mainly the neutral and neutral colors int