Talking about jewelry and "jewelry disease"

Recently, some people mistakenly believe that wearing jewelry will harm human health. The reason is that some low-grade gemstones are radiated by gamma rays or neutrons, giving them a brilliant color or a fascinating luster, so that these gemstones carry a considerable amo

December 3 Domestic Polyester Price Quotes

On December 3, the spot price of PTA increased, and the price of MEG rose. The prices of semi-bright polyester chips and bright polyester chips rose, and the price of CDP chips went up steadily. The price of PET bottles went up. Acrylic staple fiber 1.5D × 38mm, acrylic top 3D × 10

Buy gold jewelry, how can you not lose?

As soon as the New Year is over, Mr. Feng is preparing to buy some gold and jewellery jewelry for his mother and wife. However, after visiting several shopping malls in the city, he found that there are many types of gold and jewelry brands. Although the salesmen alleged

Shana beauty brand underwear charm direct heart

A stylish woman, will not refuse to catch up with the trend, a romantic woman, is out of roses in the bowl of flowers, will not refuse the perfect line. Shana beauty brand underwear charm direct heart Shana beauty brand to style, quality, features known, and style for women in different enviro