Buying jewelry depends on 4 cards

Last weekend, the Guangdong Gold and Silver Jewelry Testing Center launched a two-day free testing event at the flagship store of Guangdong Gold Plaza, Haizhu Xinduhui Plaza. According to the staff, from the daily inspection situation, the qualified rate of gold products i

Security textile industry

The 3rd China Security Protection Textiles & Garment Industry Innovation and Development Forum will be held in Xi'an from May 19 to May 20. This forum will be sponsored by China Industrial Textiles Industry Association and Shaanxi Yuanfeng Textile Technology Research Co., Ltd. (Chi

2014 summer essential print doodle was thin dress

In the summer of 2014, how can you get a stylish print? Whether it's on campus, in the city, or in the park, the print dress is very eye-catching. However, each print is made of different floral designs, all of which have their own unique charm. Let's take a look at these two attractive si

How to maintain the jade bracelet

Many friends like to wear jade bracelets. What is the reason? Because the jade bracelet can play a health care role for the body, reflecting your temperament and fashion, many ladies and friends like to wear. Generally speaking, the jade bracelet used for general wear need

Wearing a wig will become a trend?

A tall, tall Western model dragged a pair of white angel wings on the runway. From the back, the artificially woven woolen ornament was placed on the lower part of the wing and dragged on the ground, like the princess in the Tang Dynasty costume drama. The hem of the skirt. You can't think of i

Why does jade have a value-preserving function?

As the saying goes, things are rare, from the natural production, the world produces gem-quality jade, only a production area in northern Myanmar, and the geological conditions of output are very demanding, and the output form is so colorful, except Nature, the creator, ca

How to choose a silver gift

How to choose a silver gift? Need to have some skills and experience, summed up some to help everyone. 1. First identify whether it is a silver jewelry Look at the hardness: the hardness of the silverware is low, the force is easy to deform, and the imitation is hard. æ