Fashion and personality coexistence MiG Mens

MiG brand was founded in 1866 in Milan, Italy. The end of 2006 to enter the Chinese market, 2007 (China) regional distributor, start Shanghai, Hangzhou and other major cities brand direct business. The full name of the MiG brand Chinese company is Shanghai MiG Clothing Co., Ltd. MIGTEN (Chinese) Mi

OVERSIZE T-shirt with a variety of thin match

On July 30th this site , there are always a group of girls who cannot control their mouths. Even in the hot summer season, appetite is still very good. But when it comes to clothes, a raised belly, and a round waist, it is also the chief culprit that affects aesthetics. Since we have talked about

Bring you exquisite and comfortable city lingerie

City beauty brand underwear pursuit of fashion and comfort, created by a sexy and elegant quality, composed of a unique style. The concept and design of the urban designer is from the natural beauty in the United States, the female favorite graphics, colors and other rich elements of art, cleverly

Underwear brand Daquan tide underwear magic

Magic is the trend of cultural brand development, is the first choice for your business to join Magic has been to develop a trend of cultural brands, whether men's underwear, Ms. underwear, Leggings, socks, etc., so our mission is " Young heart, "and we hope to convey this young, opt

A romantic brand of women to do a century enterprise

Before 1995, a romantic just started from a foreign trade shop into a 60 square meters of clothing store, then the retail-oriented TOP brand is very avant-garde, very beautiful, catch up TOP, better than it is Xue Liang's aims. When the romance expanded to 400 square meters, "we learn? Wh

Polyester summer material fall fall material increase

In the recent market, the summer thin 20DFDY-30DFDY polyester artificial silk finished fabrics have dropped sharply due to the downstream garment manufacturers' demands, and the listed products in the traditional market have dropped sharply. The spot market volume has dropped significa