Yung Yue fashion aesthetic short-sleeved fur skirt

Made of warm, high-content rabbit fur, this shirt is a perfect match for the warmth and beauty. LOYER.Mod's purpose is to make LOYER.Mod become a part of a better life, so that the world of female friends because LOYER.Mod become beautiful and wonderful! Loyer.mod brand advocates "perfec

Marc Aurel Women's Spring/Summer 2010 New Release

The lively modern elements of the French women's brand Marc Aurel make women's lives full of creativity and color every day, embodying women's pursuit of fashion and positive attitude towards life and shaping the image of women in a new era. The use of trendy fabrics, ingenious design a

Beverly Paul Women's Spring / Summer 2011 release

With elegant noble, independent and confident temperament, in the busy metropolis and can always enjoy freedom and comfort, is every urban women will never change the pursuit. A dream journey recently staged in Sui City ... ... Asian Games, the eve of the brand from California, the United States th

High-heeled shoes hurt the body for a long time

This site on November 20 hearing, high-heeled shoes are fashionable and beautiful, making women more attractive. But recently, the United States "Discover Discovery Channel" reported that the lower leg acid, foot pain ... ... these discomforts caused by high heels, not just a few days wi

Lattice silk underwear piercing tempting curves

Global feature underwear navigator - Laitisei , the founder of a woman's happiness Lattice Fashion Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company under lightness International Group, specializing in the production of functional underwear-based international enterprises. Laitisei adhering to the "woman